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I have been teaching guitar professionally for over 17 years now, both in schools and privately from my home studio. I'm passionate about helping people develop there skills in guitar playing as well as building their overall musicianship skills. 

There is no one size fits all method to guitar playing. My lessons are tailored to each students individual goals and structured in a way that is fun, at your own pace and orientated around the music that inspires you! 

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Image by Sergey Zolkin

With Covid-19 came a big shift in the way music lessons take place. With no in-person lessons allowed, most music teachers turned to online lessons in order to keep offering their services. 

I have really enjoyed developing my online teaching business. It's allowed me not only to continue doing what I love through a global pandemic, but also to offer lessons to people regardless of their location, so if you are interested in lessons but don't live locally, all you need is a decent internet connection and I can help you work towards your playing goals! 

Lessons in SCHools

I taught in schools for over 15 years and really enjoyed seeing so many young people build their skills and confidence with music.


With a busy home schedule I no longer teach in schools but I now employ other teachers to go into schools and deliver professional tuition. 

If you have been sent to to my website from your child's school please fill out the contact form below for more details on in school tuition.

Boys in Guitar Class
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